desfaço os sinais dos inventores de mentiras, e enlouqueço os adivinhos

Pressão Arterial | 02Abr2008 19:30:00

Pressão Arterial

09 - Pat Blasingame, Texas
13. Paul Chartier Massachusetts, USA HD 1w
34 - George Christian

09 - Pat Blasingame, Texas

Dear Dr. Malkmus: A lady named Janet Pauley shared how several years ago she had lymphoma cancer that was incurable. But with a diet of mostly raw foods and Barleygreen she has regained her health... I felt as though God was saying, "This is My direction, this is My truth." Several weeks later our youngest son provided us with a book that was given to him by a co-worker. The name of the book was "God's Way to Ultimate Health". I persuaded my daughter [who had been diagnosed with large cell immunoblastic lymphoma - a most aggressive and fast-growing lymphoma] to change to a mostly raw food diet and we changed our diet along with her.
While we were taking Barleygreen every day she could not handle drinking that green stuff. Her first two chemotherapy treatments were devastating. Her white blood cell count bottomed out and once she had to be hospitalized. She had unspeakable side effects and pain everywhere. Within two weeks I noticed that my chronic fatigue was gone. Even though I was taking care of my daughter's home and family and then my own household every day, I wasn't the least bit exhausted. Also my carpal tunnel pain was gone, arthritis pain was gone, psoriasis on my face went away, severe ragweed allergies gone, and I had lost weight. My husband lost weight, all signs of his arthritis disappeared, his blood pressure dropped by over twenty points, and all sinus allergies were completely gone. We were amazed to say the least!
Just before her third chemo my daughter and son-in-law changed doctors. The new doctor increased the dosage of chemo by 38%! The dose was so strong they felt she might have to be hospitalized each time. The prognosis was very grim, less than 40% survival. With this in mind, I began to beg and plead with kathy to take the Barleygreen. I even prayed for God to change her taste buds. Finally she agreed to try it. She started the increased dosage, and this time her white count stayed up almost until the end of her treatments. Every time she walked into the clinic under her won power they were amazed! Kathy finished her last treatment in October 1996.
She was actually supposed to take one more treatment, but she felt like her body had had enough. Her doctor agreed! In November they did a bone marrow biopsy along with other tests and found no sign of cancer! We praise God and give Him all the glory for being faithful to guide us in the way of healing! We now have all our children and grandchildren on Barleygreen and it has become a way of life with allergies a thing of the past.
(Back to the Garden, issue no. 16 - Winter/Spring

13 - Paul Chartier, Massachusetts

A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 40. My sugar level was 367. Within a week of going on the Hallelujah Diet my blood sugar level dropped to normal (90-95) and now my blood pressure has also dropped to normal (119/82). I have stopped taking my blood pressure and diabetic pills and am now drug free - thank God and Hallelujah Acres.
(Back to the Garden, issue no. 18 - Spring/Summer '99)

34 - George Christian

"I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for over forty years. I have had three strokes, heart problems, very high blood pressure, peripheral arterial disease, bronchial problems and high cholesterol. I have been receiving medications and treatments for all of these problems for many, many years. Since going on the Hallelujah Diet I no longer have to take any insulin for my diabetes; I am down from five high blood pressure pills a day to just one; and my cholesterol pill has been cut in half. All the other medications I was on when I started the Hallelujah Diet are no longer needed. I feel wonderful thanks to the Hallelujah Diet, God's nutritional plan."
(Hallelujah Health Tip, Issue #188, 28.06.01)


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